RG Lewis Cup

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This competition was held on Monday 6th April 2020
RG Lewis cup - Now a virtual competition - Up to four pictorial digital images per member. The RG Lewis Competition will be judged as a virtual competition, using the uploaded digital images of your printed image, that you would normally place on the Society website in addition to the physical printed image. We must have the digital images uploaded by midnight Mon 30th March 2020 to allow us time to create the virtual competition, as it is our intention to hold the judging on the 6th April. The digital images should be of the normal maximum size of 1400x1050 pixels and in a JPEG format. You must have, available for review, the physical printed image in the event of the judge selecting the image for an award. If the image has already been entered into a print merit competition (in the 2018-2019 season or 2019-2020 season) that will be taken as evidence that the image exists in a physically printed form.
Your images must have been submitted no later than Monday 30th March 2020. No further entries can be accepted.

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