Mark Gilligan - Same View Different Perspective

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This event was held on Monday 10th January 2022 at Hermitage Centre

Mark Gilligan is an award-winning photographer and writer based in the North of England. Having been involved in imaging for more than 40 years, he has also produced and directed hundreds of TV programmes. The second of Mark's series of presentations. Expect more stunning images, anecdotes and tips to improve your photography.

Alongside his landscape photography career, he held the position of Director of the Home Office National Photography and Video Course for 35 years. Mark now spends most of his time in the Lake District and Snowdonia concentrating on his photographic work and writing. Trained at BBC Elstree, he occasionally pops up on broadcast TV. He is comfortable presenting but prefers being behind the camera. We tracked down Mark to ask him about his career, and why he chooses Billingham bags as his trusty companions for his location work and his extensive travels.

Mark Gilligan: A love of landscape – an interview with the award-winning outdoor photographer