Paddy Ruske-Digital Ramblings

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This event was held on Monday 2nd October 2023 at Hermitage Centre

One of the most popular judges on the circuit shows an entertaining selection of images both print and digital which have a story behind them. Sometimes funny sometimes tragic!

Both a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and the Irish Photographic Federation. Colin is a Master at the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and has won numerous gold and silver medals. As he states on his WEB site: ""My interest in photography spans more than forty years and although it encompasses a number of genres my affection for the simple distillation of images, particularly those with strong narrative power is one that remains consistent irrespective of the photos I am taking. Often the subjects I photograph already have a strong story telling/documentary element, but by selectively composing, sensitively using lighting and carefully controlling tonal gradations, visual dialogue can be enhanced resulting in a more evocative and thought provoking final mage. Whether I am printing in colour or monochrome I enjoy natural lighting and have a penchant for hard aggressive printing. I work in panels and produce congruent and thematic bodies of work.""