Entering Prints

We strive to present your printed images in the best way we possibly can. There are a few important rules, though, which are listed here. Following these rules will help ensure that we can do your images justice and maximise your chances of success.


  1. All images entered must be entirely the work of the author but slides and negatives may be either trade or home processed.
  2. Prints may be produced by the entrant themsleves in the darkroom or by using a computer.
  3. Trade machine prints are permitted, but there must be no enhancement by persons other than the entrant to the aesthetic or technical qualities of the final image.
  4. Any mount with more than one print attached will be deemed to be one print.
  5. Prints may be Monochrome or Colour and must bear the title, and the member’s current membership number on the reverse.
  6. Prints need to be mounted on card.
  7. The maximum dimensions for your print are detailed in the description of the specific competition.
  8. In accordance with the aims of the Society, members are expected to show only work which reflects current abilities.
  9. An image may ONLY be entered in one format, i.e. if an image was originally entered in digital form, it may not subsequently be printed and entered again into a print competition.
  10. An image may be entered in ONE Merit Competition, and ONE other Annual Award in whichever order the entrant may choose, and may also be entered in the Set Subject competition provided that this is the first competition entered with that image. The entry may be used over two consecutive seasons.
  11. Entries must be handed to the appropriate secretary NO LATER than the submission date for the competition (generally ONE WEEK, but please check) unless the Competition Secretary requests otherwise.
  12. The competition secretaries are empowered to reject any entry which, in their opinion, does not comply with the Society’s aims and the competition rules.

Portrait Competition (Prints)

This competition accepts printed images.

The maximum size of a print allowed is 20" by 16".